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Georgia State Long Sleeve Jerseys by Grant
April 21, 2010, 4:35 pm
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During the first two years I played in college, when jerseys were ordered we would always get a long sleeve dark jersey and a short sleeve light jersey which led me to believe that was the standard across for the board for all programs. If the weather was cold you would wear your long sleeve jersey and if both teams wanted to wear the same color you could always wear your short sleeve over the long sleeve. Well, several years later I realize that this trend is mostly a Northwest thing as a lot of other schools get nice weather beginning in the early spring and there is little need for long sleeve jerseys. In my opinion though, long sleeve jerseys are wonderful to wear whether on the field or just lounging about. So at Georgia State we came up with an alternate design and slapped it on the front of a sweet Prime long sleeve jersey from Spin, with inspiration drawn from those Northwest teams

Terminus Day 2 by Grant
April 4, 2010, 3:59 pm
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All of the sunshine was expended during pool play, but the weather is still mild enough for enjoyable ultimate. Teams enter today in win or go home mode, and for the squads from other regions, home is a long way away so staying and playing certainly seems like the most appealing option.

Tufts E Men v. Luther LUFDA

Both teams made it all the way to Columbus last year and the establishment of both are still around playing this year. Joining the game midway through the first half, Tufts is leading 6-5 but LUFDA immediately closes the gap with a pass from Eric Johnson to Ben Kofoed to tie it up. Tufts works the disc up but try to shift over to the other sideline and Trevor Sanders can’t hang onto the pass. No matter as Alex Cooper gets a run through D and Tufts is right back where they started from. One flick to the breakside gives the half to the E Men, 7-6.

What had been an on serve game to this point should have seen Luther score to start the second half but Tufts gets a crucial break in a persistent wind. The teams are back to trading points and Luther is driving through the E Men D thanks to their workhorse Greg Shirbroun. He gets an I/O break flick to to Johnson for the easy sequence to keep LUFDA close, 9-8 Tufts.

Luther are using an old fashioned abacus style method of keeping score with discs flipped or not flipped up. They try to explain it to me but I just don’t understand. Tufts gets a turn back with a D from Cooper and Ben Nelson hits Hollingworth upline to hit double digits, 10-8. Tufts is keen on a zone defense stopping Luther but Shirbroun is making excellent use of the cog position and gets enough yardage downfield to force Tufts to revert to man D. Luther gets one back, 10-9 Tufts.

Luther is still looking to get their break back especially with the games to 13. They might have gooten their chance when Hollingworth overshoots his man. Jason Clark is there to bail him out the first time but the second time, nobody’s home and LUFDA picks up. Shirbroun looks for Chris Ash available in the endzone but he jumps too soon, mimicking the previous Tufts offense. The E Men chill out this time around giving Alex Ornik and easier play on the disc. He’s so excited to grab a score he kicks the goal, 11-9 Tufts.

Shirbroun continues his precision passing, hitting his receiving in stride, 11-10 Tufts. Tufts responds with a quick goal to Trevor Sanders so Luther is up against the wall, receiving at 12-10 in favor of the E Men. Both teams dig in, with LUFDA working the under and pushing the stack backwards but a routine dump to Johnson proves to be just enough of a problem and Eric doinks it. Tufts is amped but the liveside pass overshoots the offense and falls innocently to the ground despite the best efforts of Jason Clark to save it. Mike Kientzle sees an open Eric Sievers but fails to see the break off of the cut and the miscommunication causes a turn. Tufts chance number two: Hollingworth hucks to the endzone and fortunately his teammate catches it and immediately starts working around only to float the disc to the heavens. A “buttload” of people convene under where they think the disc will land and an orgy of hands go into the air with two getting a grip on it. The problem is, one hand belongs to a Tufts player and one hand belongs to a Luther player. Now what to do? After some discussion, neither can prove they were there first so the disc goes back to the original thrower and Tufts immediately calls timeout.

The disc is immediately reset to Hollingworth who tries a breakside throw but its too high. Joe Wheelock comes swooping in to make a redonkulous grab over his opponent giving the disc back to Luther with not a yard to spare. They move it back into their comfort zone, calling a timeout on THE TUFTS goalline. A hole opens up through space and the disc fills that hole… and also the hole through the receiver’s hands. Back to Tufts. With each successive turn the action gets more tense. Eric Johnson finally gets a D and says he’s had enough, going for the score and Shirbroun acknowledges. Luther gets the point only to find out the game has ended on hardcap in favor of Tufts, 12-11.

Georgia Tech Tribe v. Georgia Jojah

Tech has jumped out like gangbusters on UGA leading 8-4 the Silver Britches. They trade with Tech to stabilize their offense and pull, down 9-6. Nick Lance and Peter Dempsey are marking each other neutralizing their strengths. Tech tries an all out huck but its ill fated so Ethan Edgerton shows up with a big footblock to get the disc back. The wind is swirling and Michael Spear can’t connect with Hogan McHugh for the second time. When Tribe gets the disc back Spear decides to go deep and beats his man, 10-6 GT.

Jojah is battling against a Tribe zone and even though short throws usually work, GT steps it up to get a hand in on a throw only to have Matt Bailey poach off a throw and grab a D for UGA. Throws are flying all over so GT calls timeout to settle down. Andrew Fish picks up and thinks liveside, then thinks deadside, and of the two options decides a liveside huck backhand is the way to go, stretching the length of the field to Matt Mills for the BOOM! Headshot!, 11-6 GT.

Georgia can only manage to trade points the rest of the way and Tech wins receiving on O, 13-8.

Tufts E Men v. Indiana Hoosiermamas

Tufts starts off right with Colin Harari hitting the hole to Banerji to start on top, 1-0. Indiana pitches the disc away against a Tufts zone but the deepshot from the E Men is no good. Unfortunately neither is the IU swing so Tufts gets it back. The gentle swings of the offense move cautiously downfield until Banerji gets enough seperation from his man to get the break, 2-0 Tufts.

Indiana gets on the board but both teams are having redzone trouble so Tufts tries to work their 50 yard redzone rather than their 15 yard endzone with a huck to Harari who bids over the outstretched arms of Mark Soo Hoo for the goal, 3-1 Tufts. Tufts almost breaks the Indiana cup open again but Ed Wu gets a layout block in the dump. Steven Kane picks up the disc and and you can see the count get high and I’m just waiting for him to punt it. He does and it floats towards the endzone. Several players gather underneath but none are in the right spot as Bybee walks in to grab it without needing to jump, 3-2 Tufts. For an encore performance Indiana gets a quick D and score and suddenly the score is back even at 3’s.

Tufts comes back to work a disc out of the Indiana zone with a Cooper to Hollingworth to Clark sequence and reclaim a two point lead on the next possession. If getting a second break in a row would have been so great for Tufts, they simply can’t move the disc forward out of their endzone and the recently turned defense of Indiana smells blood. Noel Brennan steps up and the cheers of Callahan! ring through the red and white sideline to rejuvenate the Hoosiers, 5-4 Tufts.

With the E Men on offense the teams trade points to half and the E Men start the second half at an advantage, 7-5. The start of the half is marked by lots of layout D’s from both teams along with ill advised throws to nobody in particular. Harari finally gets an upline score and “wholesale!” is yelled from the sidelines with Tufts going up another, 8-5. The wind is very powerful now and making one direction of the field tough to manage. IU gets a quick downwinder and so does Tufts. The teams have a nice downfield rhythm now even if some points are more nerve racking than others. Peter Shayman has a scary bobble as he struggles to hold onto a potential score in the endzone. When he finally hangs on, he looks up to give a look of, “Yikes! That was close.” 9-7 Tufts.

After Tufts continues to score downwind, they get a chance at an upwind break and they take it. Ben Strauss gets one to extend the Tufts lead, 11-7. Playing defense downwind now, Tufts stops IU’s upwind attack and get another break to set up game point. Indiana won’t die yet. Jesse Roehm does the hard part for the Mama offense and finds Taylor Kraemer for the goal, 12-8 Tufts. The E Men finish things going downwind. Jason Clark dumps to Harari and then goes upline for the winner to advance to the finals, 13-8 Tufts.

Georgia Tech Tribe v. Middlebury Pranksters

Tech starts by beating the Prankster zone right off the bat to EJ Layne in the corner and Middlebury responds like clockwork. No turns so far. Middlebury changes that with a D and Waldo hitting Dan Glatt, who leaps for the goal and Pranksters break GT to go up, 2-1. Nick Lance goes deep for Hogan and he outruns Will Van Heuvelen to get back even. In this game of back and forth momentum swings, Tech is on the uptick with Spear ripping a disc to Garrett Braun in the middle of the stack, catching the defense offguard as the cutter usually gets the disc in the open space. Without a mark, he hits Tyler Plunkett on the deadside for the goal to get back on serve. Tech contines forth and their zone stops the Prankster O and gives them a one throw goal. Middlebury almost gives up another break but get the disc back so they go to their tried and true deep man, Joe MacDonald who gets the score, 4-3 GT.

Both teams rely on a credible and potent deep game to succeed on offense and its working. Hogan for Tech and MacDonald for Middlebury. With Tech up 6-4 Pranksters are poised to get a break back. They get a turn and spread the field with their offense to create holes in the GT defense. MacDonald gets the disc to WVH for a good bit of yardage then gets the goal himself from Will to cut the Tribe lead back to one, 6-5 Jackets.

The first offensive try by Tech fails but the zone won’t let Middlebury out of their endzone and cause a turn. Fish picks up on the left sideline and connects with Braun up the middle to take half 7-5. Starting on offense, Middlebury gets their zone offense in synchronization (or simply n’sync) and MacDonald starts the Pranksters off with a goal, 7-6 Tech. With Lance holding the disc he puts up a disc with no readily identifiable receiver but it was intended for Spear because he said, “Ah… Spear,” as in “Ah…Spear, you cut one way when I thought you were cutting the other way, so I through to the exact opposite place you were running to, but the disc was intended for you.” Middlebury freshman Mattias Fitzpatrick gets the disc in the middle and hits Waldo on the breakside for the tie game. Will Van Heuvelen had this to say about Mattias: “Mattias is the man. He’s a freshman. He’s been playing for two and a half months.” He certainly carries himself like veteran.

Tech stops the Prankster run and gets an easy goal to regain the lead, 8-7. Pranksters almost respond but toss up a disc too soon and Tech takes over. Robby Zabel steps up with a layout D and the Pranksters convert to bring the game back in the balance. Not only is the wind making throws miserable but it is severely curtailing any warm temperatures. Tech and Middlebury must be trying to share body warmth as a result because the Tribe zone is nice and tight, clumping a lot of people together. Tech gets the objective so they begin their sequence of Hogan to Lance to Spear… to the wind. Middlebury takes the disc back but its all for not. Realizing that multiple throws can lead to a greater risk of one of them being a turnover, Tech tries one throw to Hogan in the endzone. Even though he doesn’t have the positioning on his defender, he still has the reach, and uses his long arms to reach out and over his man to get the point, 9-8 Tech.

The teams trade points when the D emerges to get the better of the teams on the following point. Tech causes a turn but Waldo gets a layout D not once, but twice in the point. He has to take one after the second D. When the disc is tapped in Mattias cuts to the middle getting the disc out of the cup and turns around to find Casey Knudsen all alone. Mattias throws a perfect flick huck and there’s no chance it’s not caught. 10-10. Tech sticks to the find Hogan deep offense and he’s open but the disc goes past his grasp, only to find the hands of Braun who runs it down, Tech leads again 11-10. Middlebury responds with a full field huck to go into a universe point situation, all tied at 11 a piece.

The Pranksters get a lucky break with a Tech turn but Hogan blocks a hammer that still has enough velocity to get into the hands of Zabel. No matter as he gets his SECOND CONSECUTIVE HAMMER HAND BLOCK and this time its a clean D. Tech tries to reward him with the win but he can’t quite hold on to the huck so Middlebury is working upwind for a break and the win again. Dan Glatt overshoots his man but Tech does the same they are right back where they started from. Middlebury, learning from their mistakes works the disc up to midfield. Waldo gets the disc and fires a huck to a wide open Charlie Roberts and improbably Middlebury breaks to win 12-11!


St. John’s Dartmouth Tufts Middlebury Pranksters v. Tufts E Men

The weather gods have granted to the finals with a light intermitent rain that sends spectators looking for shelter every few minutes and slippery discs to the ground. Tufts starts with the surer hands and jump out to a 4-1 lead after some easy turns from Middlebury. The Pranksters receive and Zabel throws behind MacDonald and Tufts calls time out about five yards out. MacDonald blocks the dump throw but the huck to him is to far and Tufts take over again, albeit much farther back. Harari finds out right away that the disc is slippery when he wants to huck in bounds but instead goes directly out of bounds. Charlie Roberts puts enough O/I on the disc to Kyle “Vader” Olsen to get past the D and Middlebury gets one back, 4-2 Tufts.

Both teams are susceptible to turns but Tufts is turning the disc near the opposing endzone and when Middlebury also turns they capitalize. Harari finds Hollingworth for the goal and Charlie Roberts matches it with a shifty move to get separation for a goal from WVH, 5-3 Tufts. Jason Clark mans up when Tufts is forced into a defense situation on the next point getting a layout D, which sets up a goal from Alex Cooper to Ben Nelson. The Pranksters aren’t done yet and MacDonald throws a no sweat pass to Davis Whitehead with only minimal sliding on the wet ground to get back to 6-4 Tufts.

Here is where one can say that the Pranksters are done because Tufts immediately and completely took over the game at this point. Hollingworth gets a goal to take half and the E Men start to roll through the thin Prankster line in the second half. Backfield turns spelled the downfall as WVH fumbles a dump, throws go errant and Tufts plays great D. Robby Perkins-High gets in on the action adding a couple of goals to his and Tufts tally and before you know it, Tufts is serving on game point 12-4. Eric Wilburn finds Jed Palmer in the endzone and it’s all over. Tufts emerges to wrestle the Terminus championship from Dan Heijmen’s Wisconsin Hodags with a complete performance this weekend.

All in all, I’d say the teams that attended were happy to just be playing a complete tournament with a variety of weather, none of which prevented play. Flatballers arrived on Sunday with sunburns from Saturday and left with a new respect for the wind. Spring break started right for some teams and ended rough for others but Terminus is back and that’s the best part. After a two year hiatus and a new field site, the elite teams made a good choice to travel to Atlanta for the weekend. Good luck in the series everybody!

Terminus Day 1 by Grant
April 3, 2010, 7:25 pm
Filed under: tournament write-ups

If there is any one significant storyline that resonates for the entire day it was the weather. The sun came out to play, making sleeved shirts uncomfortable and the action much more exciting. I’m sure the teams travelling from the northeast and the rest of the frozen recesses of the country were more than delighted to be playing, much less playing on grass in the sunshine.

TUFTS E Men vs. Williams WUFO

Jumping into the middle of this tilt, Tufts and Williams are locked in battle. Williams is setting up a play in a timeout and their handler sequence works giving the first half to Williams, 7-5. Tufts black jerseys have a shiny logo and shiny numbers which nobody knew about because they haven’t seen sunlight at tournaments yet this spring. Williams is receiving to start the second half but Tufts forces a turn and Andrew Hollingworth is the downfield option, reeling in a huck with not a foot more to spare from the sideline. Everyone catches up and he hits Alex Cooper up the line to get back within 1, 7-6 Williams. Williams gets a second chance at offense in the second half and Aaron Freedman attempts a greatest giving himself an opportunity with no defense around but it’s not good. Tufts takes the disc and ties the game, 0-0 game to 6. Williams finally gets their first offensive goal of the half when Todd Bustard grabs a hammer just over the goalline. Several E Men and WUFO jaw back and forth over the spot of the grab but the call stands and Williams grabs the lead, 8-7.

Just when it seems Williams is about to go up another, the wide open receiver drops the disc in the endzone and the subsequent look of horror is mirrored on the sideline. “That never happened!” is all the WUFO sideline can say to get their team in the defensive mindset. Hollingworth gets the disc and hucks to Alex Berdoff. The disc trails away towards the deadside and Berdoff’s defender can’t catch up to get a position on the very frustrating disc. Tufts ties it up at 8’s.

Williams answers back to maintain the point advantage and breaks into sideline song before the pull with a rhythmic chant of “I said get a D. A layout D.” Williams can’t respond and Hollingworth grabs another to stay on par. Williams turn to answer and after turning it over to Tufts, they get a fast break play with Caleb Balderston finding William Pettengill when the Tufts dump goes to far.

With Williams leading 10-9, Tufts responds with another game tier and then ramps up the defense capitalizing with a goal from Adrian Banerji to Hollingworth to go up a point. At this point in the game, it’s important to know the score which led to the following conversation between a Tufts play and a member of the Tufts sideline:

“Does that tie it up?”
“No were up one now.”
“Make sure [Williams] thinks so.”
“It doesn’t matter what they think.”
-Tufts, always in the competitive mindset.

Williams is now on the answering end and do so with a risky pass to Jack Chen who runs down a trailing pass, with the Williams sideline muttering, “Risky…risky…risky.” All square at 11 a piece. both squads are starting to rely on the superior playing ability of particular individuals rather than working it diligently up the field as the sense of time constraint looms closer. Jason Clark is the target of a Tufts huck and he makes the 50/50 grab over a slightly taller Pettengill, firing up the E Men with the lead in hand 12-11.

Now with Tufts withing a score of the W, seven defenders line up to stop any Williams threat. A deep pull allows the E Men to set up their D quickly but everyone is still expecting the Williams handler to find the first open man and get a throw off. The first look isn’t there… neither is the second. The count starts to get dangerously high and a floaty pass rises from the handler to a covered dump. It’s clear from the start that he won’t be able to make the grab and when the disc descends to the Earth, Adrian Banerji is there for the Callahan winner! Tufts win 13-11.

I caught up with Adrian after the game to ask him about his Callahan goal.

Spin: “How does it feel right now to win the game like that?
Adrian: “It feels great.”
S: “Does it feel even better doing it in nice bright sunshine with warm weather?”
A: “Yes it does.”
S: “Then why are you wearing sleeves on a day like this?”
A: “I’ve been in bed for a week so this is a great way to come off the couch.”
College Terminus, a cure for the sick.

Pennsylvania Void v. Elon Big Fat Bomb

Much to my surprise I wasn’t expecting too much from Elon, simply because I didn’t know much about them and Penn was wearing fully sublimated shirts. From an appearance standpoint the skill level seemed lopsided. That is until I heard the score and the more surprising fact that Elon had previously beaten Williams in the early round. Void took half 7-6 on Elon and broke out of huddle with a traditional team cheer. Elon broke out of their huddle with a “Spring Break!” cheer. Fantastic.

As stated earlier, Penn got some full body SJ’s for this season and put them to work getting the first goal of the half but Elon is sticking around and a big fat bomb goes up to Graham Gilley who runs it down. 8-7 Penn. Penn stays cool and gets another goal not worrying about the scoreline but Elon answers back with a huck to 37 and punches it in on a swing around to 2. Unfortunately that’s where Elon stalls and Penn starts to ramp up their game. When Void gets a goal and turns to defense, Elon tries a backward dump but only manges to find the dfense. Penn gets another gift when their zone stops Elon on the goalline. Jay Choi gets it to Ben Steinberg forcing Elon to call timeout with Penn leading 12-8. Matt Heath won’t let his team go down so easily and with his long hair and flowing mustache, musters up another goal for Elon. Penn seals the deal on some basic swingwork with Gary Rodman getting open to grab the final goal, 13-9 Void.

Emory Juice v. Cornell Buds

Like Willis Reed coming out of the locker room to excite Knicks fans in 1970, both David Berendes and Robert Runner have emerged donning Emory jerseys today for the first time together this year. The Buds are unphased and start the game with a break up the line and double up with a disc that cause a two on two footrace with Alex Kadesch outpacing everyone to grab the disc, 2-0 Buds. Garrett Bernstein finds Brian Grundy for the third in succession before Runner and Berendes connect for the first time.

The Emory D is starting the keep the field short but the offense isn’t clicking. It’s especially hard with the wind and train noises picking up. 175 grams just isn’t enough weight to throw a disc in a smooth offense with these conditions. Cornell finally wins the battle with Dan Brager finding Jim Fuller in the endzone. Runner leads the Emory offense, hitting Teddy Donley who gives it up to Zach Finn for the small victory. Emory is trying to get something going but Cornell is running a 4 man cup in the wind. After Cornell tacks on a couple more, Emory gets one back when Berendes makes a grab near the goal forcing Cornell to switch to man. Aalap Shah connects with Josh Brzinski to make it 6-3 Cornell. The Buds lineup with their “way too easy offense” as they like to say on the sideline and take half relatively unchallenged during the point, 7-3.

Emory gets a turn to start the half and Alex Ko puts up a high floaty flick to Berendes and even before it lands, Ko is regretting his decision. Never the less, Berendes makes him look good and makes the grab, 7-4 Cornell. Both teams exchange a few D’s and Emory is showing some signs of life as Byron Liu finds Runner upline for the second consecutive break, 7-5 Cornell. With momentum on their side, the Juice D stops the Buds run and Runner picks up the disc on the left sideline. He elects to go with a big outside backhand to Berendes who proves supreme in the air, catching in lots of traffic and staying on point to call the timeout right away. With his pivot near the goalline, its no sweat for him to dump to Runner right away and get it back for the break, cutting the Cornell lead to only 1, 7-6.

As if an unfortuitous jinx towards his own team, captain Matt Wetzel ensures that I have the score written down at that point because he says,”it might never happen again.” Well at that point, Cornell picks up where they left off to start the game and begin their scoring drive. Jon Hirschberger gets the first and second goal of the half for Cornell. The Buds get a couple more before Emory can match, making the score 11-6.

The Buds utilize the upline and move within one to victory, 12-7. Aaron Gemmell seals the deal with a grab off of a huck for the win, 13-7.

Georgia Tech Tribe v. Xavier Blob

Before I can even jot down anything, Tech grabs the lead as Sean Balla rumbles and tumbles for the grab and the break to make the game 2-0. Xavier almost gives up another break but Oliver Rytman gets a big D in traffic to give Blob the disc and the opportunity works. Xavier is on the board, 2-1 Tech.

Hogan McHugh throws a big flick to match his big stature but Nick Lance can’t run it down but with Xavier looking a long ways down field, their offense sputters and Tech makes short work of the minimal field. Tech settles into a zone when the wind picks up and its too much for Xavier and they are forced to play a lot of D the next few points. Andrew Fish picks puts up a backhand over everyone just enough for Andrew Dunbeck to jump up high as kite drawing oohs an aahs from the sideline. 4-1 Georgia Tech.

Tribe is on a roll and take half 7-2 with some stellar defensive play from Alex Bui. Starting on offense, Tech gets the offense going quickly and continue with the breaks. Xavier finally looks sharp and gets a no turn point capped with Aaron Bacon firing an on point laser to his receiver running downfield for the the point, 9-3 Georgia Tech. Yet in the end, Georgia Tech is too much for the Blob and take this game, 13-7.

Georgia Jojah v. Middlebury Pranksters

Middlebury starts this game off with a huck to Joe MacDonald for the first goal but Georgia responds with a huck of their own to Matt Bailey to tie it up and this is already setting up to be a very exciting game. The Pranksters get ever so close with their possesion but the goal shot is too long. UGA gives right back though and Will Van Heuvelen (WVH) finds Jake Herman, 2-1 Middlebury. MacDonald gets another goal as Middlebury works the disc around to the deadside, 3-1 Pranksters.

Tom Ball finds a hole for Jojah and hits Caleb Edwards who turns and throws the goal to get UGA back on track. They stick with it as Jojah gets a turn and Davis Waller lays out to save a disc and desides to go up top to David Hooten who tracks it down to get the break back. All tied up at 3’s. Middlebury and Georgia go back and forth with the disc until Peter Dempsey hits Andrew Mistretta with a good foot advantage over his opponent, 4-3 Dawgs.

Georgia looks primed for another break but Middlebury ramps up the layouts. First try? Missed. Second try? Missed, but closer. Third try? D. Charlie Roberts gets it to MacDonald to Dan Glatt to Tim and Middlebury is back even… is it Dartmouth? With the cheers these guys are yelling, they could be any number of schools. Georgia converts on O and step up their D to get a break looking to build momentum towards half. When the Dawgs get the disc again on the next point a shot goes up with Matt Bailey, Peter Dempsey and Taylor Nilan all in striking range for Georgia, but WVH has the best line to the disc and looks to get the disc back for Middlebury. He goes up but it’s just beyond his fingertips and Dempsey gets his fingers on the disc… only to tip it away right into the outstretched arms of Matt Bailey who never stopped running and the Dawgs are ecstatic to take half 7-4.

With a short roster making the trip from Vermont, the Pranksters send more and more rookies in to get some playing time and Georgia takes score right out of the gate. The teams trade points back and forth with neither team able to capitalize on D. Davis Whitehead gages the wind just right to go upwind to Jake Herman and time out is called. Middlebury gets what they came for and score, 11-7. When the Pranksters get one more they look like they might pull within two but Jojah makes a goal line stop and storm back the other way. Caleb finds Bailey for the open goal, 12-8 Dawgs. David Hooten closes up shop for Georgia, 13-8.

Tennessee Agent Orange v. Indiana Hoosiermamas

I spy a flip going on between Indiana and Tennessee and when Indiana excitedly wins, I already know what its for without needing to look. As if on cue, Tennessee dejected takes off their sublimated jerseys while Indiana keeps theirs on. As if the shirts are giving them a source of power the Mamas start the game right going up 1-0. Tennessee matches with Jody Lewis out to Matthew Twilley who cleans up the garbage for the equalizer. Indiana gets another go ahead goal and UT says whatever you can do, we can probably do too. Matt Harbaugh milks a swing pass almost too long but it draws the defense off the mark long enough and UT is off to the races with Harbaugh getting it back for the goal, 2-2. After both teams started out with great offensive rhythms, miscues start to tally and turns pile up. Tennessee gets near the goal and calls time out. After trading a turn a piece Nick “Notor” Thomas gets it to Stephen Soufleris for the break, 3-2 UT.

Ed Wu has some sick handles to go with his sick hair but when he tries to break upline the pass is too short. Likewise IT tries a hammer in the wind and the gusts slap the disc to the ground. There is a lot of agony from the sidelines as mistakes continue to be made. Players are swirling around Twilley but eventually Haden Campbell gets an open upline look and Tennessee goes up another break, 4-2. UT and IU start to jaw back and forth a little bit so the Mamas relish the chance to get the next goal. 4-3 Vols.

Indiana uses the goal to turn around their fortunes and get a break back when Jesse Roehm decides a 50/50 disc is worth putting up a huck. The disc has solid footing that works for the Mamas to get their break back, 4-4. They gain the lead again when Notor makes a great grab but can’t stay in bounds so Noel Brennan assists AJ Novosad with his goal. IU leads 5-4. IU is really clicking now. Casey Bybee hits Wu and IU gets a break of their own. With IU stopping Tennessee on the second throw of their next possession, the one pass offense gives the half to Indiana, 7-4.

Tennessee gets their first point since leading 4-2 from Soufleris that cuts the lead to 8-5 IU. But Indiana is not to be denied. Ben Walter gets a footblock on the goal line giving IU another one pass goal score, 10-5. UT just can’t get anything going for them and start to make poor decisions. A hammer finally falls into the hands of Richie Ward to make it 11-6. Indiana serves to win going downwind and UT has too much ground to cover. Hoosiermamas win, 13-6.

Emory Juice v. Georgia Tech Tribe

Emory and Tech are in a crosstown barn burner to end their days. Juice is leading their rivals 11-8 late in the game that could cause havoc in pool standings. Alex Bui closes the gap witha quick hit to Andrew Fish as the soft cap horn sounds, 11-9 Emory. Alex Ko tries a sniper shot to the end zone but it doesn’t work so Tech takes over. Garrett Braun goes deep and the thrower obliges him as he runs down the pass to get Tech back within one, 11-10 Emory.

Both teams are showing fatigue and trying to eek out just a few more points. A pass is complete to Runner and he utilizes his superb handling skills to get a backhand upline to Ko for a goal and Emory is only 1 point away from victory, 12-10. Georgia Tech decides to work the under cuts. Fish gets it to Michael Spear to Ethan Edgerton and play comes to a temporary stop. When the action starts up again, Nick Lance hits Spears for the goal, 12-11 Emory. When people first look at David Berendes they might assume that he is primarily a cutter but has some big throws as well. Some big NATIONAL CHAMPION throws. This time is not to be as his Chain Lightning teammate Nick Lance eats up a forehand huck of his and waits for the fellow jumping participants to clear out before rifling a downfield flick that races past everyone… but it means Emory is starting on their own cone going upwind. The first pass is no good so Tech gets a goal of their own with one pass setting up a universe point situation.

Emory gives it another go downwind but a throw to Berendes is too high to hang on to. Tech is about 15 yards out of the endzone going upwind. Spear picks up and looks for Garrett. He makes the decision and Garrett has to layout to make the grab, but he holds the disc in his clutches when rises to his feet and Georgia Tech pulls off the come from behind victory, 13-12.

All in all a great day for Ultimate and a wonderful reprieve from the consistently lousy spring weather. Tomorrow’s bracket play should be awesome, considering the past two years there wasn’t even one and Wisconsin is the current reigning Terminus champion holding the trophy from their 2007 win.